Player API Remote

Player API

API for remote control

We have developed a Remote contol app for XCIPTV Player. We are using a http web server in the app with custom TCP port 54321. Web server listen API calls from remote contorl app OTR Remote.

There is an option to trun of remote contorl service.

We have also opened all APIs.

Find bellow all APIs. is test player's IP address.

Back button

OK or Enter Button

Right Arrow

Left Arrow

Up Arrow

Down Arrow

Playback Stop

Playback Pause


Playback Forward 30 sec

Playback Rewind 30 sec

Volume Down

Volume Up

Volume Mute

Playback Fast Forward (to stop use Play button)

Playback Fast Rewind (to stop use Play button)

Send Text to Any Text Field

Always use prefix editext-. To send ABC to EditText field send edittext-ABC

This page was last edited on 2020-04-10 09:34

This page was last edited on 2020-04-10 09:34

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